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Get Chu: The AAA Fanworks Community
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A community dedicated to AAA fanwork

The AAA Fanworks Community

This community is dedicated to the posting and sharing of fanworks relating to the Jpop band AAA (Attack All Around). Here you'll find fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, graphics and icons, and plenty of other things! If you're a fan of AAA and its members, and want to support the fandom in a creative and unique way, you should consider joining!

This is also a community for fanworks for any dramas/movies/musicals/plays that the members of AAA have been in, including, but not limited to, Delicious Gakuin, Kagi no Aru Basho, Glory Days, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, The Grudge 2, Ai no Mukidashi, and many others.

Rules & Guidelines

i. This is a friendly and open-minded community that supports all types of pairings, including hetero, yaoi, and yuri. Trolling and flaming of any kind will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

ii. Please respect not only the mods but also other members. DO NOT BRING DRAMA INTO THIS COMMUNITY. Starting any sort of problem with another member, regardless of the reason or circumstance, will get you a warning. Any further issues after that will result in an immediate banning.

iii. All posts should be fanwork based. Use your common sense for this; fanfiction, fanart, videos, graphics, etc. are all fine, but if you have to say "If this is against the rules..." then you should probably rethink posting.

iv. Mature and/or adult content is allowed here, but any posts above a PG-13 rating must be locked to the community.

v. All fanworks must have a rating of some kind listed. If necessary, you should also add a list of warnings. Basically, if you're unsure about the content, put a warning.

vi. No linking to friend-locked posts, period. I've always found this to be a dirty tactic to up a friend/member count, and I won't allow it here.

vii. Plagiarism of any kind will result in an immediate banning. No second chances here; I have absolutely zero tolerance for this. Don't do it.

viii. Tag your entries. If you need a tag of some kind, put a note in your post and I'll add it.

ix. No advertising without permission. Drop doi2life a line or message asking first, or else your post will be deleted automatically and you'll get a warning.

x. Any fics over 100 words and any images larger than 300x300 should be put under an LJ cut to keep the page from stretching.

You can use this format for posting. This is not a rule, just a guideline. Obviously you don't have to use this format exactly; this is just an example.

Fanart should have a thumbnail, videos should list the artist and song.

Current Mods: doi2life

Wonderful Girls

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