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Ringo [userpic]
by Ringo (ringoluvapples)
at June 25th, 2010 (08:58 pm)

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a couple of Nishi x Hidaka oneshots from the NishiDaka comm that i wrote overtime
theres a lot and im unsure how to separate them so here's this xD
Sorry if my grammar/spelling are fail ;o; English is a huge issue of mine ITRY.

Pairing: NishiDaka
Summary: Nishi throws a complex question at Hidaka.

Nishi groaned falling back onto the bed throwing his arm over his eyes and groaning again.

"They aim to overwork us" he whined scrubbing his eyes with his arm. Hidaka laughed tossing there bags in the chair and shutting the door. He smiled at the slight of his boyfriend pulling his jacket off he knelled on the bed leaning forward kissing the boys nose. Nishi smiled pulling his hand away.

"How come your not tired?" He asked softly wrapping his arms around Hidakas neck. Hidaka shifted his legs putting a knee on each side of the small boys body.

"hmm" he thought threading his hands through the others hair. "Maybe because i don't over work myself? take needed breaks. Don't jump from this to another job?" he said Nishi pouted "Orrr"

"I get it i get it" Nishi interrupted with a huff. "I just don't want to mess up or let someone down" he said softly.

"Im sure no one will care if you take a break between your 50 jobs" Hidaka argued.

"Can we not argue about this? I don't like to fight and i don't feel good" he said softly turning his head away. Hidaka frowned kissing the turned cheek.

"I'm sorry want to watch a movie or just lay here?"

"Not moving sounds good for me" he said shifting Hidaka tilted falling next to him. Some shifting later Nishi was curled against him head on his shoulder Hidaka was petting his hair staring at the ceiling. Silence allowed thoughts.

"Remember when we first met" Nishi said suddenly Hidaka was taken aback but went along with it.

"When we made it as AAA?" Nishi nodded slowly. "Yeah none of us knew each other, we all had to share a house, and everyone was so different. it was chaos. You and Shinjiro were the most secluded everyone avoided you two like the plague"

"Yeah it was different back then. I didn't want to trust any of you JAPS ended awfully i was really unsure of another band" he mumbled Hidaka frowned.

"But eventually we all got to know each other right? and look at us now" Hidaka said trying to lighten the mood up.

"Do you.." Nishi started stopping to think. Hidaka didn't like the tone. It was a rare tone of Nishis voice. A sad one. "do you think we'll be like this forever?" Nishi said suddenly after a long pause. Hidaka looked down at him but he was hiding his face. Hidaka rubbed Nishi's head harder.

"As a band?" Nishi didn't reply shifting a little. Hidaka didn't like the train of area this conversation was going around it was never like it and it made him really curious to how this all started.

"Us" he whispered. Hidaka sighed he should of been more prepared for that. When Hidaka didn't respond Nishi got twitchy. "I'm sorry" he whispered after a moment.

"Don't be." Hidaka said. He sat up pushing himself against the headboard he didn't let Nishi escape pulling him up into his lap. Nishi turned facing him. Hidaka sighed at the wet puppy eyes rubbing his hand on the side of the others face Hidaka took a deep breath.

"I cant promise this will be forever" Nishi blinked looking down. "But" Hidaka said forcing the others face back up. "I can promise the now. Right now I love you. And i know that's not going to change anytime soon. Anytime." he wiped the tears off the sides of Nishi's face. "Don't live so much in the future live in the now." He whispered "The now is Us" Nishi nodded burring his face in Hidaka's shoulder. Hidaka hugged him. He wasnt prepared for the question. Then again with Nishi he probably wont ever be. But there were four words that made it worth wild.

"I love you to"

Hidaka smiled.

Pairing: Nishidaka
Rating: G

Hidaka let out a long breath turning the page of the book he was reading. They were currently at the hotel the day before the concert they had already stopped by the stage and practiced finally allowed a break Hidaka showered and laid back trying to finish his book. Naoya was already asleep in the bed next to his. Looking at the empty spot next to him he wondered where Nishi ran off to it was starting to get late.

The rooms were Misako Chiaki in one bed and Shuuta Shinjiro in the one next to there's connected to there room which was Hidaka Nishi sharing and Naoya on his own. He shrugged trusting someone to be with him or him to stay out of trouble.

Sure enough he came in holding a large book to his chest carefully closing the door to avoid waking Naoya or anyone else. Hidaka raised an eyebrow at the book but was waved off as Nishi set it down grabing some pajamas and going into the bathroom. Expecting it to be explained when the other got out of the shower he went back to reading.

The boy came out drying his hair with the towel tossing it in the bin he picked the book back up sliding next to Hidaka who lifted his arm letting the smaller boy slide under.

“One of the staff members showed it to me apparently they've been doing this since '05” he said softly. Opening it it showed the AAA logo turning the page Hidaka smiled at the pictures of them taken at the auditions.

“Its pictures of us?” Nishi nodded turning the page. Each page was a different occasions, birthdays, concerts, parties. Some candid some posed some from official, art book's and photographers to. Hidaka closed his book setting it on the side table. He moved closer leaning his cheek against Nishis hair he watched him turn each page bringing all the memories with them. Naoyas' birthday, concert practice, pv filming. Each and every image held memory's for them. Hidaka held Nishis free hand that was turning the pages the book balancing on the other boys knees. Nishi curled in turning the page. Hidaka used his other hand to play with the others hair as he became absorbed in the photo album as well.

As the pages became more recent Nishi began to slow each turn eventually stopping. Hidaka looked down smiling at the fact Nishi had fallen asleep he sat up adjusting Nishi he was about to close the book before seeing a picture from the 5th attack. The pre-concert kiss. He owed that concert more then he could put into words. He smiled closing the book, he set it on the floor turning off the light before going to bed himself.

Title: Spoiled
Pairing: NishiDaka
Rating: G
Summary: The band goes shopping.

The group decided to go out shopping with no work, no filming, a free day. A nice day out the rain had cleared everyone was out. No one had anything else to do might as well go shopping together. The piled in the van Misako and Naoya in the front the rest of them shoved into the back with there bags Nishi smiled looking out the window Hidaka next to him Shinjiro taking the third seat, Chiaki and Shuta claimed the separate seats infront of them. It didnt take long to get to the center it only being a few miles off just about to far to walk but close enough to go for a good afternoon. A large mall place with an open room stood windows all around so you could see families and people going around the floors smiles on there faces.

Hidaka and Nishi were in the middle of the group fingers twined occasionally looking into the windows together. The girls had ran off to look at shoes the guys knew better then to follow and avoid being dragged with them. Last time Shuta came back looking scared out of his mind mumbling to himself to just pick a pair. Since then the guys have avoided all attempts to get them to go. Naoya and Shuta turned into one of the shops, a hat shop the others just followed with nothing better to do.

Nishi wasn't really paying attention letting Hidaka's hand go he moved away from the group to a store across the way. Hidaka frowned looking at Shinjiro's angry face as Naoya put a hat on him pulling it over the younger boys eyes before following behind closely. Nishi stood outside the window looking into the shop he bit his lip. Hidaka wanted to laugh but he knew Nishi's passion for the crap.

The large sign indicated it was a book store but not a normal one, One Piece manga stacked across the lower shelf in the window. Most of them Nishi owned, nearly all of them he did. But recently with tours and rehearsals he missed the release of a couple of them, he had the money he and Hidaka both knew that. But he had no room on the shelf or the time to catch up. Work and everything just had the guy buried in so much. Plus he'd been getting a lot of crap from the others about the books Hidaka knew he was trying to avoid them. Signing he turned. Like always Hidaka followed.

“come on the others will be curious to where we ran off to” Hidaka nodded taking his hand again they went back to the shop the other guys were at. Hidaka shot once last glance at the store before being dragged by Nishi.

A few hours later. New stuff, new shoes, new clothes. They were ready to go.

“hey wait wheres Nishi and Hidaka?” Misako said suddenly. The group looked around. Indeed the couple was not with them.

“That's weird they were here just a few minutes ago” Naoya said softly looking around his fatherly instincts kicking in at the sudden disappearance of the two band mates.

“Sorry Sorry where here” Hidaka yelled coming up hand tugging Nishi with him. The boy had the most brilliant smile all day on his face a bag clutched to his chest with the other arm. The others decided not to question it piling in the van.

In the van Chiaki finally asked curiosity getting the better of it. “whats in the bag Nishi?”

The boy smiled brighter holding up four volumes of one piece. “Hidaka bought them for me”

Title: Nightime
Pairing: NishiDaka
Rating: PG? for super creepy staring?
Summary: Hidaka wouldn't trade this for anything.

Hidaka scrubbed his hair dry not wanting to use a blow drier so late. Finished he threw the towel into the bin by the door turning the light off. His feet padded on the soft carpet heading down the hall to the bedroom. He was shirtless not one to wear shirts to bed for some reason but he was wearing pajama pants with little comical planes on them. Nishi had gotten him randomly one day while shopping with Naoya.

He reached the bedroom nudging the door open with his foot. A soft dim light filled the small room room, he smiled looking at the bed. Nishi was sleeping curled on his side under some of the blankets wearing on of the attack shirts, his hair washed free from its gel and dried trickled into his face. The dim light shining on his face, Hidaka just had to stop and wonder how he was so lucky. To end in a band that was so much like a family with amazing talent, and not only that but with Nishi who was so loving, adorable and just perfect. He thought sometimes why him, he didn't do anything special why did he deserve this. But he'd have it no other way, he wouldn't trade this for anything else. Turning the light off he shoved the covers up sliding under them he tugged Nishi into his arms legs and feet tangled together. He left his arms wrapped around the smaller boys waist burying his face in the vanilla scented hair he sighed relaxing into the bed. He smiled softly when Nishi nuzzled into his chest adjusting himself before falling back asleep, though he probably wasn't even really awake just then anyway. Hidaka closed his eyes listening to the deep breaths of the small boy as he fell asleep. No. He wouldn't trade this for anything.

Title: Breakfast
Pairing: NishiDaka
Rating: G
Summary: Nishi sees something, and Hidaka ends up on the couch.

Hidaka hummed setting the table for breakfast. Nishi was in the bathroom doing god knows what he dose every mourning humming along with him. The house wasn't big and sound echoed though the bathroom into the kitchen a lot. The humming down the hall stopped and Hidaka set cups out on the table, moving to put the second one out. He paused frowning.

A scream caused him nearly drop the glass cup. Stumbling he ran down the hall throwing the bathroom door open he barely registered the brown hair and young face and had his arms full of Nishi.

“Kill it kill it kill it!” the boy was yelling over and over again bouncing in fear. Hidaka frowned his panic dieing quickly seeing Nishi unharmed and safe. Looking in the bathroom next to the toothbrushes.

Was a black spider, about the size of a eraser harmlessly spinning its web under the medicine cabinet.

Hidaka laughed, and couldn't stop laughing for most of the mourning. That found himself on the couch that night glaring at the ceiling cursing the very same spider.