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[Mod Post] Get Chu is CLOSED.
by doi2life (doi2life)
at October 2nd, 2010 (03:57 pm)

get_x_chu  is closed.

There's little to say about this. I'm not going to write up some big speech about how sorry I am to see it go. This community was never particularly active, the people that joined hardly ever posted or commented, and the fact that no one has stepped up to take over as moderator leads me to believe that this place is nearly dead, anyway. I do want to thank the people that did post while this place was alive; I'm just sorry that your work had to go largely unnoticed.

The community will stay up on the off chance that someone wanders in and wants to check out the entries, but membership will be closed, and posting access restricted to this account, which is going to be deleted later today.

Goodbye everyone.

The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus [userpic]
Fans Fully Enjoy AAA! 'Stars' Shined Brightly at Anniversary Concert
by The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus (official_mjp)
at September 22nd, 2010 (06:18 pm)

Hello everyone! I'm MJP (musicJAPANplus) writer Misaki.
I've been to Yokohama ARENA to report about an anniversary concert held by AAA!

Here's how the area around the venue looked! There were many AAA fans dressed up in colorful, stylish dresses that matched the group's personality. (That might be difficult to see from the photo. Sorry!)

[Read more...]

convenience93 [userpic]
Soulmates are hard to find.
by convenience93 (convenience93)
at August 25th, 2010 (03:29 am)

Well since I was the one who went on and on about my takauno soulmate concept ...
I decided to make a post about it not long ago.

For my details read here!! =D

popmieofmygyoza [userpic]
by popmieofmygyoza (popmieofmygyoza)
at August 15th, 2010 (06:41 pm)
Listening to: AAA - Crying Freeman | Powered by Last.fm


☂ two. AAA


here @ popmieofmygyoza

Alexx [userpic]
{fanfic} A Little Rain (takauno)
by Alexx (getchuu427)
at August 12th, 2010 (11:11 pm)
I feel: accomplished
Listening to: Deai No Chikara II-AAA

Title: A Little Rain
Pairing: Takauno (NishijimaxMisako)
Rating: G
Notes: For convenience93 and her "soulmates" concept~ This actually went in a COMPLETELY different direction as I was writing. I had my little mini intro, and by the time i finished it didn't even fit with the story anymore >_> I like this idea too, though. So there's a good chance I'll use this prompt again, but it'll be much more... dramatic? x] for now, this is easy to digest ;)

click for the fanfic ^^ (ooh, it rhymes..)

chiby83 [userpic]
Wallpapers ' Mirage" theme
by chiby83 (chiby83)
at July 21st, 2010 (12:43 pm)

Where am I: dans ma chambre
I feel: cheerful
Listening to: Disney's parade - Halloween Halloween

i made this a few days ago :D

kira83=Chiby83 .. i forgot to write kira83 on " Takauno" .. kira83 is my user name on another website ^^ .. i didn't steal it

Ringo [userpic]
by Ringo (ringoluvapples)
at June 25th, 2010 (08:58 pm)

I feel: aggravated

a couple of Nishi x Hidaka oneshots from the NishiDaka comm that i wrote overtime
theres a lot and im unsure how to separate them so here's this xD
Sorry if my grammar/spelling are fail ;o; English is a huge issue of mine ITRY.

Pairing: NishiDaka
Summary: Nishi throws a complex question at Hidaka.

do you think we'll be like this forever?Collapse )
Pairing: Nishidaka
Rating: G
He owed that concert more then he could put into words.Collapse )

Title: Spoiled
Pairing: NishiDaka
Rating: G
Summary: The band goes shopping.

The boy had the most brilliant smile all dayCollapse )

Title: Nightime
Pairing: NishiDaka
Rating: PG? for super creepy staring?
Summary: Hidaka wouldn't trade this for anything.
NighttimeCollapse )

Title: Breakfast
Pairing: NishiDaka
Rating: G
Summary: Nishi sees something, and Hidaka ends up on the couch.
BreakfastCollapse )

chiby83 [userpic]
waaallpaper: Music ~ Takahiro & chiaki
by chiby83 (chiby83)
at June 16th, 2010 (08:48 pm)

Where am I: dans ma chambre
I feel: anxious
Listening to: christina aguilera - bionic

hi there ^^

i just made this ^^ ... please let a comment .. it's always nice to read :D

thank youuu

convenience93 [userpic]
Meet Your Professional Storyteller (not) XP
by convenience93 (convenience93)
at June 8th, 2010 (10:57 pm)

Okayy who's up for some random fan fiction to read? Raise your hands.
Lol, good children....Your mummy and daddy must be really proud of you.

haha enough of the crap...anyway recently, meaning not too long ago, I actually decided to do something utterly random, something rather different...I wrote a fan fiction...uhuh, nothing surprising about that...but well I wrote a fan fiction with pictures....using some pictures from misako uno's photobook.

Cause I noticed this quality in photobooks...they can be made into stories. seriously!! So I experimented with misako uno's photobook, yeshh I made a story and this is my product!! hees Hope you enjoy.

Read it here!

chiby83 [userpic]
fanarts: wallpapers + Icons
by chiby83 (chiby83)
at June 2nd, 2010 (10:54 pm)

Where am I: dans ma chambre
I feel: sleepy
Listening to: AAA - Dream after Dream

hi there ^^

those are my latest fanworks. . you may be already saw them on "blood on fire" or onmy own LJ or on Nicchii's community a few days or weeks before.

hope you will like some .. letting a comment is always nice and appreciated ^^ ( i don't really need a comment) .. seeing some of my works on you Lj ( like using an icon is nice to see ^^)

ps: the wally about Misachii ( with the covers of  hanabi find you and summer revolution .. i didn't signed it and guinea pigged coz it is dedicated to spifle 

chiby83 [userpic]
wallpapers and icons of AAA
by chiby83 (chiby83)
at April 21st, 2010 (09:57 pm)

Where am I: in my bedroom
I feel: bouncy
Listening to: Sarah connor - imagining

hi everyone .. it has been a while i didn't come here.

With the help of
[info]spifle  and [info]silystya  .. i've dled finally Photofiltre and i start to play with it.
Making some icons of AAA and some others stuffs.

it's not perfect at all but i'm just a beginnner ^^ ... there 100x100 icons and some bigger ^^ .. after making some stuffs .. i decided to "put" a little guinea pigs or a horse ( see both) as personnal touch ^^

tatsumi [userpic]
Misako and Chiaki Fanart
by tatsumi (tatsumi8891)
at April 19th, 2010 (04:14 pm)
Where am I: somewhere in Indonesia
I feel: creative
Listening to: AAA - Dream After Dream ~Yume kara Sameta Yume~

I made a misako and chiaki fanart with Beyond costumes... because my coloring skill is sucks, i just colored it with pencil color.. =__=;;

Please take a look hereCollapse )

any comment?

ムム [userpic]
Nissy portrait XD
by ムム (nisshimuffin)
at April 5th, 2010 (04:57 pm)
Listening to: Smile- Lily Allen

For AP art I decided I would draw Nissy... haha yeah it turned out OK, so I decided I'd share since it's all I can contribute to the fandom *shot*

just don't look at the original and it might seem ok 8D;;Collapse )

[FIC] The Fic of Epic Pairings
by doi2life (doi2life)
at April 1st, 2010 (03:33 am)

Title: The Fic of Epic Pairings
Rating: PG-13 for Naoya's mouth :P
Fandom: AAA
Pairing: Misako/Nishi/Shin, Shuta/Chiaki/Mitsuhiro, Naoya/Yukari
Warnings: Virtually no plot what-so-ever X_x
Notes: This came about when animatoria  and I were having a conversation earlier about the most epic pairings for AAA. We both decided that OT3s are awesome and we miss Yukari because she and Naoya were awesome together. And... yeah. That's about it. There's no point to this; just me stretching my writing muscles. (Oh, yeah, and I was also sort of looking for an excuse to write something that pokes fun at Shinji's horrid cooking skills XD)

(Also, note to self: Stop writing all your stories in notepad X_x)

Out of my kitchen, you jinx!

raiu_deluxe [userpic]
[Fanfic] Inspiration ~I know I'm in love~
by raiu_deluxe (raiu_deluxe)
at March 31st, 2010 (04:55 am)
I feel: dorky
Listening to: ayumi hamasaki - JEWEL

Title: Inspiration ~I know I'm in love~
Pairing: Nissy/Shinjiro
Rating: G
Warnings: I'm not too good at the fics that don't involve sex so just try and enjoy this :P
Notes: The song that I based the lyrics in this fic on is JEWEL by ayumi hamasaki. Check it out, its awesome :D
Inspiration ~I know I'm in love~Collapse )

[FIC] After the lights dim and the audience leaves...
by doi2life (doi2life)
at March 30th, 2010 (01:27 am)

...you're the one I wake up to.

Pairing: Nishi/Shinjiro
Rating: PG
Warnings: Maybe light spoilers for 4th Anniversary?
Notes: Takes place the day after 4th Anniversary, and was inspired by Nishi's tiny breakdown during the MC there. For raiu_deluxe , for writing fic and inspiring me to do the same.

You're an idiot.

FraniGabbi_Loli [userpic]
Nissy & Chiaki FanArt
by FraniGabbi_Loli (franigabbi_loli)
at March 22nd, 2010 (03:25 pm)

I feel: calm
Listening to: Tolie/トゥライ - トウキョウト・ロック・シティ

I was really bored and I knew that I had to draw something for the Nichi fans (It was actually an urge to say the least). And voila! This is how it turned out to be! I was going to originally draw Chiaki but then there was more space so I thought, Why not throw in Nissy in there? I'm very happy with the way it turned out, although I have to say that Chiaki in the drawing resembles Aya Hirano (Japanese voice actress, look her up sometime if you're unaware). Anyway, hope all my fellow Nichi fans and/or just plain AAA fans enjoy this adorable drawing! Sorry for the dim lighting, BTW.

我好想带你离开这里 [userpic]
by 我好想带你离开这里 (daeju)

more here

ギャンスター少年 [userpic]
Fanfiction - One-shot - Asterisk (Nishi/Shuta/Hidaka)
by ギャンスター少年 (yampanda)
at March 8th, 2010 (08:51 pm)
I feel: accomplished
Listening to: Orange Range - Asterisk

Title: Asterisk
Characters: Nishijima Takahiro, Hidaka Mitsuhiro, Sueyoshi Shuta
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy, AU
Warnings: Senselessness and lack of plot.
Summary: Nissy is sick and tired of the rumbling that takes place upon his roof at night and one night he decides to check out what's up there.

(Every month again it happened.)

Bambi [userpic]
{FanFic} 001 Beginnings -- TakaUno
by Bambi (phantasea_skai)
at March 5th, 2010 (10:14 am)

Title: 001 Beginnings
Author: bambi_ified 
Pairing: Implied future TakaUno
Rating: G
Warnings: Plotlessness...? xD;;
Summary: Its the start of something new... they just don't know what yet.

Author Notes:
This is my take on how AAA probably met the first time. Its just the 'orignal' six, since the other two girls were added after. Also, this is my first attempt at a TakaUno//AAA fic.


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